_New Clients – First Encounter with the Provider. Your first consultation will be approximately 45 minutes – 1 hour. During this time the provider will review your Ruckus Wellness Plan Prescription and Lifestyle Plan, which will include suggested recommendations for nutrition, lab tests, supplement and other lifestyle changes to address your specific health concerns.


_____ Fee Schedule

  • Elemental Plan: The Matrix consultation: $150 with 30 minute review.
  • 3 Month Elemental Plan: $795
  • 6 Month Premium Plan: $995
  • Payment is due at time of booking.
  • Methods of payment are: Cash, Check, Visa, or MasterCard.


_____ Appointments

  • Elemental and Premium Plan has in-person contact will last from 45-60 minutes.
  • Email contacts are approximately once a week (except for week where in-person contact occurs) and are meant to address simple issues and questions. If emails are determined to have a level of complexity where an in-person visit is more appropriate, the provider reserves the right to ask for this in-person contact (at an additional cost of $120 for 50 minutes).
  • We encourage you to book your in-person appointments 2 weeks in advance.
  • As a courtesy to you, you will receive an appointment reminder via email.


_____ Lab Tests

  • We receive your lab results in 2-4 weeks.
  • We will evaluate the results then you will be contacted to schedule a follow-up appointment.


_____ Cancellations. If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, you must notify the provider at a minimum of 2 business days prior to your scheduled time or you will still be charged against your plan’s in-person times.


_____ Forfeiture of Appointment. If documents are requested prior to an appointment, and should you be unable to provide Ruckus Wellness with required case review documents or other required documents within 72 hours of your scheduled appointment, the appointment will be cancelled and you will be charged for the appointment. You will need to billed a fee of $250 and once paid, you will be asked to rebook the appointment


_____ Telemedicine In-Person Contact (Minnesota clients Only). If you select telemedicine as the method of communication for your appointment(s), it is your responsibility to ensure it is downloaded and tested prior to your appointment.


_____ Insurance Requests. Ruckus Wellness can provide SuperBills upon request.


Returned Products (if purchased through Ruckus Wellness)

_____ Refrigerated items CANNOT be returned
_____ 15% restock fee of purchase price less shipping and handling may be

refunded on unopened and non- refrigerated items
_____ No supplement returns will be accepted after 30 days on all regularly

stocked items. Special orders CANNOT be returned!

Important Notes


_____ Ruckus Wellness provides consultative services and does NOT provided primary care, acute care nor addresses medical emergencies. If you have a medical emergency, you must contact your primary care physician or dial 911!